The Surroundings

The adventurous independent traveller of the 21st century is bound to fall under the spell of this hidden achitectural 'gem' - built where the meadows with wild flowers are common, cuddled by vertical mountain walls where trees seem to have grown since prehistoric times, butterflies of all sizes and colours cohabit with animals grazing, horses pulling trailers on the dusty roads, the house's resident woodpecker keeping the rhythm accompanied by the spring that flows down the micro-gorge leaving a musical trail.

The house sits in an ancient mythical land that has so many stories hidden and mysteries undiscovered. Whether it's the pyramid stone in the back garden or the Dacian God face on the mountain top, or the prehistoric animal shaped stones, or the uncoded inscriptions on cave walls, or even the stone carved hermitages well out of the way, it's a fascinating place lying discretely amongst peaks and meadows, wild and suave at the same time.