Start with the back garden


The two dots in this picture are myself and our daughter Enya. It gives a true scale of the majestic nature you can discover by just walking up the path at the back of the house into what I call 'my childhood Heaven' - a 360 degrees panorama of beautiful vertical rocks, colourful forests and naked cliffs of spectacular shapes; a mystic face on a mountain wall, a pyramid with foot prints from times unknown, a revitilising energy which floods your senses, a glorious sky on a clear day that seems closer than usual and truly spectacular both in the day and at night, particulartly if you're a star gazer like us.




Walk through the village 


There is so much peace here, almost as that I imagine at the beginning of time. A time that seems to have stopped when you look at some of the humble old houses. They tell a story about survivial, resilience and simplicity. They sit discreetly hidden by trees, so well blended into their surroundings. You almost feel your steps will 'wake' them up.


 Ciuciur (the spring)


It used to be our first stopping point before getting to the house. And still is!

I've been drinking from this fresh mountain spring since my childhood days. Pure water tastes so good! It's called 'Apa vie' (living water) as it's not been in contact with any form of pollution nor has it been chemically altered. I have never tested it in a lab but nothing ever happened to me drinking water from here, other than the strong desire to have more! Living water is believed to bear the earth's energy and may make you feel fresh and revitalised.



Wooden Foot bridges










A wealth of Wildlife 



Village paths


A walk on these is a walk into the past itself.